Replace Yourself: How to Grow Your Team of Musicians

At Bethany Church, we believe our job is to train and empower others so that the kingdom can continually expand and people can continually grow into new roles. As a worship team we live by this, and we’re always looking for new talented musicians and singers to develop and release. One way we accomplish this is through a weekly gathering called Infuse. Click here to see our previous post about it!

Hayden Stanley oversees the musician side of Infuse and this week we sat down for a chat about what he does every week during these meetings. In this blog Hayden breaks down what an Infuse night looks like for musicians and how you can begin growing your team at your church.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

We are always looking to grow our family. I have found that word-of-mouth is the best tool to use when connecting people to our team. There is just something about a personal one-on-one conversation that really makes others feel “wanted” in a sense. The conversation can start with even just a simple “Hey I hear you can really shred the guitar!”, and take it from there.

2. Designate a time for team development.

Our goal is to get new people who join our team to be able to serve at a level of high excellence. We develop our vocalists and musicians in Infuse. After the audition phase, our musicians and vocalists move into Infuse for a period of growth and development. Our goal is to onboard and “graduate” these team members within a year, so this group is always evolving and expanding.

Currently, our Infuse group meets at our South Baton Rouge campus at 6:00PM every Thursday and vocalists join in at 6:30PM. Here’s a breakdown of what this night looks like:

  • We all gather together at the stage and do a run through of the songs that have been selected for the weekend set list.

  • Next, we breakout into instrumental groups and work on our technique and craft through a lesson or a music theory class. The curriculum we use is for one semester so we repeat the same lessons every new semester (fall and spring). I have a great team of coaches who help me accomplish this. I have an electric guitar coach, a drum coach, keys coach, and a bass bass coach (myself). In these groups we help prepare people for taking the stage at their campus. We want our musicians to be independent and confident in what they’re playing, but also flexible. We work on the using the Nashville number system instead of chords to improve flexibility.

  • At the end of our Infuse night we serve food and have community time. We play games, take prayer requests, and check in with one another. Our goal is to grow a community that truly feels like family.

3. Pray for growth + lift others.

If you want to grow your team and start to put some of these things into practice, I would first and always pray to God about about it. Seriously! You have to purpose yourself to God. God can breathe this dream of yours that He placed in you and bring it to life. It starts with you. So ask for growth!  When you begin to not make it about just you, and purpose yourself to expand His kingdom and not yourself, watch what happens!

I would also add, lift others up. “So-and-so” can’t be the only one to play electric for you and no one else. There are others out there with potential. Invest in new people. They may not be ready to play on a Sunday now, but with the right development they will eventually grow into their calling and fill a much needed spot. Everyone starts somewhere. Believe the best in people and invest in them! It will payoff in days to come.

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