Leading with a Full Plate and Loving It

A lot of our readers and friends in our worship community are volunteer worship leaders or bivocational worship pastors. Leaders in these roles often feel their capacity stretched and face a unique set of challenges. This week we're attempting to speak to this topic through one of our incredible weekend worship leaders, Latoya Harrison. 

Latoya and her husband Dre started attending Bethany Church in October of 2000 as a newly-wed couple. Dre jumped into serving on the worship team immediately, and she jumped into serving a couple of years later. Latoya grew up singing in her church and became the musician at her church at the age of 12. She said, "Our old musician left and the next thing I knew I was in lessons and on the organ …no pressure lol. I’ve always loved the coming together of voices and instruments. It’s amazing how different sounds can come together to make something beautiful."

Because managing everything that goes on at home, at the office, and at church can be such an exhausting balancing act for ministry volunteers, we wanted to dive into this subject and offer advice. Latoya shares some wisdom from her own story that we hope encourages you. 

7 Keys to Leading with a Full Plate and Loving It

  • Lead with a full heart. Latoya says, "I’ve been super blessed to be involved in everything that I LOVE and my family has been involved. Balance is a lot easier when you love what you are doing. I love worshiping God, I love my family, I love my church and I love my career." 
  • Don't be afraid to bring the family along for the journey. Latoya says, "I can remember having all of my babies lined up on the front pew or in the studio while we rehearsed or worked on a project. Now I have a house full of worshipers... I think I should apologize to the church for any little cheerio snacks they may have found under the chairs lol. It’s all worth it when you can wake up in the morning and hear one of your kids writing a song to Jesus, strumming a guitar or doing some type of worship dance."
  • Give God what you have. She says, "Whatever is on your plate, make how you serve God a priority and it will be a part of the DNA of your house. I understand that worship is how I serve and it’s a legacy for my babies. My advice to working moms and dads is to make serving with your WHOLE family a priority, in whatever capacity that is. God will give you the capacity if you will give him what you have."
  • Remember you're leading on and off the platform. Latoya says, "ALWAYS BE LEADING whether on a platform or in private... I can remember, when trying to build my business, I’d feel so torn because my schedule conflicted so much or my kids would have to be somewhere. I could not get a handle on my schedule. This is when God let me know that I’m never not leading and that his schedule was always open to listen."
  • Pray over your schedules. She says, "He’s shown me how my family can be involved, He’s with us in every season and can flex with our schedules. Prayer is key. He can help get that schedule opened up as He gives us our hearts’ desires."
  • Communicate with your spouse. Latoya says, "One of my most favorite things is getting to serve with my husband...We have faced so many challenges with our schedules, and serving schedules especially when our babies were younger. We have learned simply to communicate and get on the same page. This is key. I absolutely LOVE getting to lead with my husband. It’s such a gift to get to do this together."

It's a Privilege to Lead

We always come back to this statement. Leading on the weekends can be costly and a huge sacrifice to many, but it's a privilege to lead others to the heart of God. We're believing God is gracing you to lead with your full plate while loving every minute of it! If you have any questions or thoughts about this topic, we would love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.